HomeFront Property Management can assist you with dealing with vacant properties. We do property inspections to make sure that the home is secure, power and heat is working. We can also deal with a menu of other services: dealing with clean outs, setting up landscaping, maintenance issues, arrange estate sale of personal items, enhance curb appeal if needed and marketing the home for sale if needed through our partnership with a national recognize real estate firm.

​Bottom line..."we make your job easier"!


Receivership Services

 HomeFront Property Management is experience in providing property receivership services. We have a history of working as a Court Appointed Receiver with institutional and individual lien holders of properties.


In selecting HomeFront, lenders obtain the following complete receivership services:

Takeover Services: As Receiver, HomeFront’s management team appears at court hearings as needed.

Post-Takeover Services: HomeFront’s management team understands that the asset’s financial welfare depends on sound operations. As Receiver, HomeFronts’s ongoing duties include but, are not limited to: protecting the asset with property insurance if needed; dealing with current tenants; start evictions on “non-cooperative tenants”, handle any maintenance issues the asset may have.

Reporting: HomeFront, as Receiver, prepares a monthly Receiver’s report as directed by the court and issues a final accounting to the court after foreclosure.

Ongoing Court Appearances: As Receiver, HomeFront provides testimony for any ongoing legal issues, including but, not limited to: borrower’s contesting appointment of receiver; borrower’s failure to comply with order or performance or other illegal acts; and borrower’s filing for bankruptcy.

Other Services: HomeFront management team realizes issues may require services on a case-by-case basis. The management specialists are available to discuss special needs particular to your property.